Resolving to Listen

Listening can do more for your business than anything else could ever possibly do.

The clock has counted down to 0, the confetti has been swept off the floor, and you’ve recovered from the champaign hangover, but have you completed the other New Year’s tradition of making a resolution?  This year my New Year’s resolution is to improve my listening skills, and I invite you to do the same.   […] Read more »

4 Common Cultural Views on the New Year

Japanese Horse Masks for the New Year

Across the U.S., Americans are buying Champaign and fireworks and are writing down their goals for the coming year.  We, Americans, like to kick off the New Year with a big celebration.  We write down our goals and sign up for gym memberships because we see the year as a new adventure we’re ready to […] Read more »

4 Possible Interpretations of a Gift

Gift Interpretations

You arrive at your family’s house for the holidays with a bag loaded with gifts for your siblings, in-laws, and random other people who are practically “like family.”  You pat yourself on the back for the wonderful job you did of choosing each gift with care.  Your smile widens as your loved ones open their […] Read more »

4 Steps to Spice Up Your Business Holiday Cards

This year my family sent a Thanksgiving card to stand out from other holiday cards.

This time of year our mailboxes are swamped with holiday cheer.  Some are cards from friends and family.  Some are advertisements from stores and other businesses.  Some are somewhere in between—business owners sending personal holiday cards to their business associates, clients, prospective clients, or anyone within their network.  With everything else crammed in our mailboxes […] Read more »

Writing Your Wrongs

Mistakes or Treasures

Are there right and wrong ways to write?  If there were, we would consider writing a science, not an art form.  Differences in what people consider “good” writing exist.  What one person thinks is a masterpiece, another may think is garbage.  Yet many people, including myself, claim that there are rules to writing that we […] Read more »

3 Ways Discourse Analysis Can Optimize Your Organization

Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis is the analysis of a cross section of predominantly written language.  Do not confuse it with literary analysis.  The purpose of discourse analysis isn’t necessarily to understand the text itself, but to understand the sociocultural world the text is caught up in.  In this type of analysis, the text is considered suspended in webs […] Read more »