SSC Solutions

SSC has a wide variety of tools to optimize communication in your professional and personal life as well as within your organization.  Here are some common situations with the SSC solutions to match.

pagepics-startswithyou1) Your organization’s customer service skills need improvement.

Anyone who has worked a service-based job knows that customer service skills are difficult to perfect.  What can be a stellar job per the tastes of one client, can cause another client to rant and rave.  If your organization is in a position to record conversations with clients, SSC can analyze those conversations using a process known as Conversation Analysis.  This process would shed light on patterns of miscommunication as well as provide guidance for overcoming miscommunication.  The process results in customized training material for new and current employees.  Since it takes 2 hours to analyze 1 hour of recording, the cost is $100 per hour of recording ($150 if I have to record the sessions myself) plus an additional 4 hours to create training materials ($200).

Price= ($100 x hours of recordings) + $200

pagepics-breakdown2) There’s a break down in communication within your organization.

Whether it’s co-workers who aren’t getting along or entire departments remaining in the dark about key details, imperfect communication skills within an organization disrupt the efficiency and thus profitability of an organization.  SSC can combat this problem in one of two ways 1) communication pattern analysis and/or 2) workshops.  Using various qualitative research methods, SSC can identify potential sources of communication breakdowns.  This communication pattern analysis could result in new training materials for employees, the development of communication outlets, or customized workshops.

Prices depend on the size of your organization and the level of thoroughness desired, but follows the general rule of $50 an hour.

pagepics-relationship3) Your organization wants to better understand a particular demographic.

Whether your business is gearing up for a marketing campaign targeted at teenagers or your nonprofit is figuring out ways to better serve people in a low socioeconomic status neighborhood, your first step is to call SSC.  SSC is geared with the tools you need to understand your target demographic.  SSC uses this gear to equip you with key insight that will make your endeavors more profitable.

Prices depend on the size of your target audience and the level of thoroughness desired, but follows the general rule of $50 an hour.