Process & Price

Step 1: Fill out the request form

In order for me to better assist you with your project, there is a form to fill out. Each question is optional, but the more questions you answer, the higher quality of comments I’ll be able to provide you. You can attach your project to the form in .doc format only.

You can find the form here.

Step 2: Receive quote & pay

Within 24 hours after submitting the form, you’ll receive an email with a quote for SSC’s services along with a link to submit your payment. The price is calculated considering the average time it takes for me to proofread a page. I charge $50 an hour and it normally takes me a half hour to proofread one page of text (12 point Times New Roman font double spaced with one inch margins). Thus one page of text costs $25 per draft.

Step 3: Navigate track changes

So that you maintain full control of your text, I use Microsoft Office’s track changes function. For a video on how to use this function, click here. For PDF instructions on how to use this function, click here.

Step 4: Request further help

Once you have gone through my first set of comments, you may realize that your project has gone a whole new direction. This is a natural part of writing. You can resubmit your project for a second round of proofreading by emailing the new draft to me directly. I will begin the process upon payment. Additional drafts of the same project are $23 per page.

Step 5: Fill out satisfaction survey (optional)

In order for me to improve my craft, I have a brief survey I ask clients to fill out. After you have received comments on your project, you’ll also receive a link to the optional survey. Just like my comments help to make your writing stronger, your comments can help me make SSC services stronger, and together we can break the communication barrier!