3 Effective Tricks to Improving Newsletters

While frozen inside this winter, my client Nancy started 2014 on the right foot by writing her eNewsletters (or “success stories”) for the year. As she completed each one, she sent them to Simply Stated Consulting for editing. Nancy was an experienced writer, and thus knew how important it is to have a second pair […] Read more »

2 Linguistic Tricks to Optimize Your Goals & Affirmations

Are You Focused on Your Desires?

On Thanksgiving, my dog Roxy escaped her leash and went for an adventure.  Just as my husband was about to catch up with her, Roxy’s powerful nose caught the scent of an 8 point buck.  Instinct set in.  Roxy chased that buck straight out of town.  She wanted that buck more than anything and that […] Read more »

Happy Hill New Year Part 2

We are not stuck in our current state of well-being

  Join us for Simply Stated Consulting’s first video blog! In honor of the new year, this month’s theme is about starting your business on the right foot. Tina Hallis with Happy Hill Consulting joins us to discuss communication advice that will help you make 2014 happier. This webisode is specifically about being “present” in […] Read more »

6 Steps for an Effective Research Interview


For better or worse, someone somewhere has been where you are now.   Step 1: Decide on Objectives What exactly are you trying to find out?  Write out your objectives on a notecard.  Keep that notecard in front of you while you write out your questions.  Your questions should, for the most part, be based […] Read more »

4 Ways Limited Communication Skills Interfere with Your Business

Listening can do more for your business than anything else could ever possibly do.

#1: Decrease your customer satisfaction rating A babysitter offered a little girl ice cream.  The little girl said, “no thank you.”  The babysitter thought the little girl was either lactose intolerant or crazy, and proceeded to eat her own bowl of ice cream.  When the mom came home, she asked the little girl how her […] Read more »