4 Basic Steps to Make Your Wedding Your Wedding

Walking down the isle

Yes, I’m giving away trade secrets here.  I believe that everyone has the right to take control of their wedding and have their ceremony reflect their values, their personalities, and the uniqueness of their love.  Sure, there’s the typical ways to accomplish this feat—color schemes, decorations, props, food, cake, and music—but there’s a way that […] Read more »

4 Signs that Your Wedding Ceremony is Sexist

Language as a bridge

Phrasing within wedding ceremonies is being brought into question as heterosexual marriages become more egalitarian and as same-sex marriages continue to build momentum.  Traditional wedding ceremonies were constructed on the premise that women and men had specific and separate duties within the household.  Times are changing.  Yet some ceremonies being performed today have remnants of […] Read more »

“Marriage” is Lost in Translation

Marriage & love as cultural values

Wedding ceremonies tend to begin with defining marriage and love. These definitions make broad statements phrased as universal truths. Despite these implicit claims to universality, definitions of marriage differ across cultures, across time, and even within the same culture and time period. In wedding ceremonies within the United States, marriage has been defined as a […] Read more »