Happy Hill New Year Part 2

We are not stuck in our current state of well-being

  Join us for Simply Stated Consulting’s first video blog! In honor of the new year, this month’s theme is about starting your business on the right foot. Tina Hallis with Happy Hill Consulting joins us to discuss communication advice that will help you make 2014 happier. This webisode is specifically about being “present” in […] Read more »

4 Reasons to Care about Cross-Cultural Communication

Romantic relationships are the greatest journey of cross-cultural understanding there is.

A monkey stopped by a stream to drink water.  He noticed a fish swimming against the stream.  The fish appeared to be struggling.  The monkey, wanting to be helpful and acting only with the best intentions in mind, picked up the fish and put him on dry land.  The monkey patted himself on the back […] Read more »