3 Reasons to Choose SSC for Your Editing Needs

  1. Experience

    · Published author
    · 4 years teaching writing
    · 6 years aiding nonnative speakers

    Remember that writing teacher who always found something at fault with your paper? Sometimes it was the message and sometimes the structure, but it was almost always the grammar and word choice. That teacher made so many corrections with a red pen that your paper seemed to be bleeding. That teacher was me.

  2. Expertise

    · M.A. Applied Linguistics
    · M.A. Linguistic Anthropology
    · Extensive research on writing

    My experience has taught me one key fact: good writing is in the eye of the beholder, so in order to be a good writer, you have to understand your readers. Yes, my graduate courses in linguistics provided me with a keen insight into grammatical structures. However, it’s my anthropological perspective that allows me to optimize the power of the written text. I understand how diverse groups of people can react in completely different ways to the exact same word. Together we can taylor your writing to reach your target audience.

  3. Education

    · Passionate about teaching
    · Friendly, personable approach
    · Experience teaching a variety of students

    Although I have retired the harshness of the red pen, I still aspire to nurture the writing of others. It may not be the most profitable approach, but my goal is to lead my clients to the point where they no longer need my services. Each draft is returned to you with more than just a set of comments about that particular paper. I make an observation about one key aspect of writing that you seem to be struggling with and then I include resources that will guide you in that area.

Your writing grows both your professional life and your personal life. Nurture it with more than spell check. My experience, expertise, and educational focus work for you and your organization. I enhance your voice so you can reach a larger audience, and together we can break the communication barrier.