Types of Workshops

Communicating across Conversation Styles

Have you ever spoke the same language as someone but felt that you weren’t actually speaking the same language? Have you ever had a negative impression of someone and weren’t sure why? The cause of these situations can be traced back to differences in conversation styles. In this workshop, you will discover your own conversation styles & learn how to interact more efficiently with those of other conversation styles.

Communicating with Nonnative Speakers

Do you have clients or coworkers who are still learning English? There are ways to improve your communication with them without having to learn their languages. In this workshop, you will learn about different techniques for communicating across linguistic borders.

Communicating across Generational Barriers

Language changes. It evolves. Communicating with a senior preparing to retire is completely different from communicating with a new college graduate entering the workforce. Generation gaps in communication can lead to miscommunication and tension within the office or with clients. In this workshop, we explore various tips and tricks to communicating across generational barriers.

English as a Second Language for the Workplace

Language differs depending on your setting. If you work in a hospital, you’ll need to know medical vocabulary. If you work in a salon, you’ll need to know words for cosmetics, common ways to greet customers, and so on. However, a typical English as a Second Language class may not cover the vocabulary one needs to thrive in a specific work environment. This workshop series includes customizable lessons tailored to a specific setting.

Customized Workshops

Interested in learning about something else? Would you like to better understand a particular target audience? Is there a specific communication problem that your office needs help conquering? I can customize a workshop to fit your needs for an additional $100 towards preparation time.


$50 an hour + travel reimbursement
Nonprofit Price:
Free + travel reimbursement